Trekking shoes. How to choose them. What differences

Trekking shoes. How to choose them. What differences.

Such as hiking shoes choose a walker?
To you who love the mountain, you have a passion for trekking, you like to travel, discover new places, and you like to do it on foot.
You will know very well how important it is to choose some good walking shoes.
If you like the slow pace, slow, walking and you just decided to enroll in one of our group trip, the next step is to choose good shoes to tackle this new adventure.

Understanding the differences

First, there are different types of shoes for hiking. There are boots, suited to the mountain, to challenging trekking. Routes where there is stony, uneven to deal with, a wild and unspoiled environment in short. For this type of path you should choose a sturdy shoe, rigid, to protect you ankles and reminders as little as possible to your knees. You should choose one from high mountain boot, which protects the ankle, with a stiff Vibram sole. The best material is leather. The leather upper allows you to have a foot dry as it is breathable. Even after 7/8/10 hours of walking your foot will be dry. This is critical not to make you come blisters. In addition, the skin is waterproof, even in case of rain.
In the event that you have to walk a lungscarpe hiking as scegliereo journey of several days with a heavy backpack as the Via Francigena, the Camino de Santiago, the Way of St. Francis’s advice it is to opt for a lighter shoe. These paths, in fact, did not the very technical trails to tackle. Often they walk on dirt or gravel. It also goes well a lighter shoe such as a trail running shoe. They are more performant lighter and therefore less fatigue for this type of walk. In this article we talked about this type of shoe. Even if you decide to come and do a trek in Salento I recommend pair of flat shoes because the paths here in the south of Apulia are fairly flat. Except for routes along the coast, as often walking on cliff, rock. Another important difference: there are male and female models. Women should prefer the model w (woman) because they are models designed specifically for the female form.

The socks

The Goretex is the impermeabilizzantante fashionable in recent years. It ‘a membrane, a sheath that wraps around the upper. The shoes goretex cost a little ‘more, and on the other hand the waterproof effect will last barely a year. After this time your shoe will pretty much old and there is no rain that takes. Moreover, this material does not allow your feet to breathe.
An important role also socks. The best socks must also be breathable. The best are the merino wool socks. They will keep your feet warm, especially for those who walk in the winter, and your feet will stay dry even after many hours of walking.
As a nature guide I found very well with this model of socks that sell on Amazon. Costicchiano a bit ‘but very worthwhile.

The choice

Unpretentious and without the presumption of spacciarci for gurus these are our recommendations, based on experience gained in the field. Obviously, the choice of the shoe, everyone will be aware of subjective factors. The shape of the foot, comfort and perceived when worn, the shape of the plant of your foot. Every human being is unique and unrepeatable characteristics. What’s good for me is not the law. The choice of shoes is something very subjective. Make your choice listening to your feet. Consciously choose your shoes because this will let you live peacefully your trips on foot and walk to the world.