Hiking tour on Egadi islands – Sicily


Hikers, trekkers, ramblers, pilgrims, wanderlust, globetrotters, adventurers, researchers, nature lovers – this is the trip for you. We plan an exciting trekking to the Egadi islands. Come and join us, walk with us in a group trip on foot to experience the thrill of WALK IN MARINE PROTECTED MORE ‘BIG MEDITERRANEAN!

We have designed a special program of excursions to the knowledge of this immense natural heritage. The archipelago of the Egadi Islands consists of three islands: Marettimo, Favignana and Levanzo. They are still largely unspoilt islands, escaped by mass tourism, still on a human scale. They are the ideal place for a full immersion in fascinating nature treks that these islands offer.

In this journey on foot we will walk along the cliffs, we stop to appreciate the incredible views, will swim in the crystal clear sea and we will spoil you with Sicilian cuisine, made of multi-ethnic mingling of flavours and aromas. Trekking to the Egadi means admiring the beautiful backdrops, rich in flora and fauna, take a flashback in history to the time of the Punic Wars, retracing the route of the legendary Ulysses, walk on wild coasts where you can dive in clear creeks. All this makes it a little paradise to know and protect.

Hiking tour program on Egadi islands and Trapani coast:


DAY 1: meeting with the Nature guide in Trapani. Hydrofoil to Marettimo. Dinner and overnight.
DAY 2: Trekking in Marettimo until the traffic light and boat ride to the caves.
DAY 3: trekking in Levanzo and Genovese cave with a bathroom stop. Packed lunch. Return to Marettimo. Free time.
DAY 4: bike tour in Favignana, bathroom stop, packed lunch. Visit the ancient trap. Return to Marettimo.
DAY 5: Trekking to Pizzo Falcone (Marettimo).
DAY 6: trekking in the reserve of Mount Hood and visit Erice.
DAY 7 September: hiking in the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Visit the temples of Segesta. Bath in the thermal baths of Segesta.
DAY 8: return.