The beauty of walking

The journey on foot can easily be understood as walking from one city to another, perhaps crossing an entire nation, it would seem something for crazy people or only suitable for professionals, athletes or uncommon people with a lot of time available. No, it’s not like that, traveling on foot is actually a natural experience, full of meaning, of emotion, that anyone can live. What do you need for a walking trip? A week of vacation for sure and in five days you can easily live a sensational experience that will make you want to repeat it.

What you need to travel on foot

To travel on foot it is not necessary to sacrifice or deprive, but only the will to use one’s lower joints to move to discover what surely sitting in the car we would not be able to discover and experience. In fact, this way of traveling that is never rushed allows us to observe and capture images, the scents of the lands that we cross and the sounds of nature, from the rustle of the wind to the chirping of birds. And then, not least, stay fit and live healthy through the sport and walking!

Walking is an experience

A walking experience for a half-day excursion is certainly pleasant and not too demanding, but doing it for days or for one or more weeks becomes something completely different, certainly more tiring, but above all more satisfying from many points of view. . What not to forget is walking around looking around with the curiosity of a child that will surely help us to grasp what adults often forget, not focusing at all on the pace of the walk.
Traveling on foot is something fascinating and also mysterious. It is the simplest and oldest way to reach a place, but also the best way to discover the true emotions of a journey.

Our walking tour

More and more requests are made to us in our hyper-technological era, even leaving smartphones and cars to enjoy their holidays on foot. There are those who do it to meditate and forget something, some to find harmony with the earth, some to relocate to the world, feel part of something bigger and have new points of observation. We do it for all these reasons and above all because we love sport!

Our walking tour to the Aeolian or Egadi islands, Apulia region, but also along the Amalfi coast and Sorrento peninsula or the Cinque Terre will make you live unique and unforgettable experiences of their kind and will give you the thrill of having walked on Stromboli for example or the satisfaction to have managed to conquer the summit of some mountain.