Camino de Santiago: why do it?

Camino de Santiago: why do it?

In recent years the Santiago way all the rage. It ‘a fundamentally spiritual fire which in antiquity was made to ask a favor or forgiveness. Currently however, also it is done to sports grounds, for trekking reasons; those who simply wander for spiritual reasons.

It ‘s a path that starts from France, the Pyrenees and winds up to get to Santiago de Compostela for hundreds of kilometers. Generally you walk it in 4 weeks or by bike. In fact, the Road to Santiago does not start only from France. Santiago is a destination then actually can be reached from anywhere in the world. You can also start from your own home! It depends on the time you have available.

Which Way to choose?

Because farloIl Pilgrim par excellence (the most famous one) is French but there are other paths that lead to Santiago (the Portuguese one, that of the North, the primitive, the Via de la plata, etc.).The French Way, running from Saint-Jean-pied-de-port, Svalica, the Pyrenees and up to Santiago, is ‘the Way’ which is most popular in recent years. There are thousands of people who every day walk on this path where there are no predetermined stages. It stops when you are tired. Trying to make a particular piece of road and then stop in the village hostels which are along the way.

It is definitely an experience easy to make because the path is marked very well and there is absolutely no problem sleeping at night except in the busiest months in August since there is a massive presence of pilgrims. The price is cheap. The path is definitely not dangerous. Quite the contrary in the way you go to create a series of dynamics among the pilgrims, support dynamic help, so there is always someone in case of need, and indeed perhaps the most beautiful thing in the way is the friendships and bonds that are created during the course of the journey itself.

Who does the Camino de Santiago?

People who can be found on the path are the most diverse. They are of all ages and from all over the world. It is a very famous road so one can meet Americans and Koreans. The universal language is obviously English. A bit of English will allow you to talk and get to know many people who like you are cammino santiago pellegrinos along the way. It will allow you to communicate with them, to know their stories, their motivations … The reasons that lead these people on the road are extremely varied; everyone has their own personal motivation. Some have lost their jobs and want to make things clear in their head, there are those who have lost her husband, the wife and then not know where to start. Some people have the spirit of adventure and want to venture on a trip, not a holiday. The fundamental reason and deeper is that they are looking for a meaning in life. Pilgrims are looking for something. That something is very often themselves! The Camino de Santiago has become so popular so much so that many more people will approach to this type of trip. Some also do it with a lot of superficiality. A minimum of spirituality on the way, day after day, is born. If we do not start with a spiritual approach on the way this approach is definitely gained on the way. The path is not a walk but sharing a piece of the road with other people. Sharing views, special moments and even fatigue.

Alone or with others?

Many wonder whether it is appropriate to deal with a journey like that by yourself or with friends. We recommend to do it alone because on the French Way there really are so many people so if you are alone it is also easier to get out of your shell and get to know others. Alone you are freer and have no constraints regarding the kilometers to go, where to stop, what to do. You decide!

Who can do it?

The recommended age for the Road to Santiago does not exist. Everyone can do it! The Way is available to everyone. The important thing is to do what you feel. You can do stages of 10, 20, to 30km. There are people who do even 40 km. It all depends on how you feel.

What kind of preparation is required?

A minimum of athletic training is required but you do not necessarily need it. But, of course, walking daily strains the legs, knees, joints and feet. Walk for many kilometers every day for weeks could create an imbalance in our body that is not used to this kind of activity. Therefore if before we leave you have the chance to do a month of preparation before the journey to build the stamina, it would be a good thing. Maybe two or three times a week take a walk of a few hours or at weekends instead of staying at the mall or you can come trekking on a trip with us! It is important to prepare your feet and knees. Obviously you wear the shoes that you will use during your journey so that your feet get used to the shoes and the shoes will get the right shape of your foot. Absolutely NO new shoes to walk on the way!

In the next article we will discuss the credentials, the albergues, preparation, equipment, the trip, the compostela, the costs, the wi-fi, etc.