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Walking on the Via Francigena of the south around Cerrate abbey

10 April 2020 9:30 - 14:30

Walking on the Via Francigena of the south around Cerrate abbey

This itinerary, suspended between land and sea, will take us to walk on the Via Francigena del Sud around the abbey of Cerrate (Squinzano). The walking route starts from the abbey of S. Maria in Cerrate, crosses the land cultivated a thousand years ago by the monks and some of the oldest olive groves in the province. A small oak forest appears a few steps after departure, surprising with its beauty and its animistic sacredness. We will then cross the Bosco di Rauccio, the ancient forest of Lecce. We ask ourselves a question: it is a coincidence that the presence of religious orders near the ancient forest of Lecce or their incessant clearing work was an attempt to exorcise the idolatry and atavistic pagan cults that resided in sacred woods like this one we are crossing?

Along paths and tratturi, among tufts of fragrant thyme, we reach the candied beaches of the Adriatic. We take a few steps close to the dunes, between the wave and the undertow, and then move inland. On the road that takes us back to Cerrate we walk along carriageways, meet farms and, having reached the end, we take the opportunity to visit the spaces of the Cerrate abbey, recently restored and managed by the FAI(Italian environment fondation).

For all the informations and details please contact us.

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