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Walking in the ravine of Castellaneta

18 April 9:30 - 15:30

Walking in the ravine of Castellaneta

With this walking excursion we take you to walk in the Gravina Grande di Castellaneta, the town on the western edge of the Ionian province perched above a rocky summit that gave birth to the famous Rodolfo Valentino. The town is perched on the steep and deep sides of the large ravine. This rugged territory was chosen by the first inhabitants precisely for its characteristics which guaranteed a high level of safety for the inhabitants themselves. Here the rocky habitat developed and man was very skilled in exploiting this rugged territory to adapt it to his agricultural needs, to the breeding of sheep and goats. The houses, palaces and many churches that today support the medieval old town and the surrounding walls are the most authentic testimony of a grown town to the point of becoming a modern city, which still retains its natural border in the wild and threatening ravine. We will walk the paths of the Terra delle Gravine Park that will lead us to the Gravina di Coriglione or “Gravinella” and the rock church of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli. We will visit an oil mill which preserves the base of the tank for crushing the olives and the chambers dug into the rock of the presses. Finally, we will reach the Bridge of Santa Lucia, from which we will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the Gravina Grande di Castellaneta, with the town in the background and the profile of the medieval church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta leaning over the Gravina. We will visit a cave village and feed the soul with magnificent views, greenery and beauty. At the end of the excursion, those who still want to can independently visit the museum dedicated to the myth of Rodolfo Valentino.

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