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The salt way

28 February 9:30 - 13:30

The salt way

There are many splendid paths that Salento has to offer: enchanting itineraries that, if traveled on foot, allow you to know the smells, colors and whispers of nature that together intertwine in the typicality of the Salento flora and fauna. The tratturi of the Vie del Sale di Corsano are little known but are among the wildest trekking routes in Salento. These are paths delimited by dry stone walls that connect the Corsano hinterland to the sea in several points.

These paths take their name from the ancient habit of the villagers to cross them transporting the salt from the sea to the town, where it was sold clandestinely. The activity was illegal and it is for this reason that often women and children had to act as a lookout to check that there were no authorities nearby and to allow men to calmly fill bags from the salt pans, dug into the rock along the coast. , and carry them along these paths to the village.

Today these sheep tracks have been maintained and form a network of paths of an excursion route with a significant landscape and historical value.

This rugged and wonderful area of ​​Salento is not yet a destination for many tourists, but perhaps this is one of the strengths of this area. In fact, walking letting yourself be influenced by places of this natural beauty is the goal of those who, like us, know how to get excited in front of the wonders of wild nature.

The walking excursion along the tratturi of the salt roads is a walk for slightly experienced walkers, with good balance and familiarity with hiking.

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28 February
9:30 - 13:30
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