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Camino de Santiago: why do it?

Camino de Santiago: why do it? In recent years the Santiago way all the rage. It ‘a fundamentally spiritual fire which in antiquity was made to ask a favor or forgiveness. Currently however, also it is done to sports grounds, for trekking reasons; those who simply wander for spiritual reasons. It ‘s a path that starts from France, the Pyrenees and winds up to get to Santiago de Compostela for hundreds of kilometers. Generally you walk it in 4 weeks or by bike. In fact, the Road to Santiago does not start only from France. Santiago is a destination then […]

What equipment to bring on the camino

What equipment to bring on the camino What we recommend in this article is only the result of a pilgrim who walked the way before you. For those who are planning the Camino de Santiago, here are our tips on what to bring on the Way. Everything you take with you on the path has weight! This burden will weigh on the shoulders, back, knees and feet. Therefore it is very important to make a good selection and choose the right equipment. Bring only the things necessary otherwise you may do as most of the pilgrims who carry too many […]

Hiking tour in Aeolian islands Sicily

HIKING TOUR IN AEOLIAN ISLANDS Hikers, trekkers, pilgrims, wanderlust, world traveler, is planning an exciting trekking to the Aeolian islands. Come walk with us in a group trip on foot to experience the thrill of ONE WEEK VOLCANOES! We have studied a special program of excursions to the knowledge of this immense natural heritage we have in Italy: the Aeolian Islands, the volcanic Sicilian islands, declared World Heritage by UNESCO! On this journey on foot we will walk along the cliffs, we stop to admire the incredible views and the fiery sunsets and we will spoil you with the flavors […]


Hiking tour on Egadi islands – Sicily

HIKING TOUR ON EGADI ISLANDS IN SICILY Hikers, trekkers, ramblers, pilgrims, wanderlust, globetrotters, adventurers, researchers, nature lovers – this is the trip for you. We plan an exciting trekking to the Egadi islands. Come and join us, walk with us in a group trip on foot to experience the thrill of WALK IN MARINE PROTECTED MORE ‘BIG MEDITERRANEAN! We have designed a special program of excursions to the knowledge of this immense natural heritage. The archipelago of the Egadi Islands consists of three islands: Marettimo, Favignana and Levanzo. They are still largely unspoilt islands, escaped by mass tourism, still on […]

Trekking shoes. How to choose them. What differences

Trekking shoes. How to choose them. What differences. Such as hiking shoes choose a walker? To you who love the mountain, you have a passion for trekking, you like to travel, discover new places, and you like to do it on foot. You will know very well how important it is to choose some good walking shoes. If you like the slow pace, slow, walking and you just decided to enroll in one of our group trip, the next step is to choose good shoes to tackle this new adventure. Understanding the differences First, there are different types of shoes […]

Hiking backpack: how to choose it

Hiking backpack: how to choose it The hiking backpack is part of the basic equipment walkers and trekkers. It is therefore advisable that you choose a valid backpack with good signage. A right choice will avoid back pain and other ailments and will allow us to fully enjoy the nature and serenity around us. For those planning to buy a backpack it will be understood that the backpack is a daily companion on the journey when you decide to go trekking or participate in a group trip on foot. Basic rules for choosing a backpack The general rule suggests that […]

Hiking tour in Malta Gozo and Comino

Hiking tour in Malta Gozo and Comino: why do it? An hiking tour in Malta Gozo and Comino is the most amazing and amazing destination to go to walk in early spring. In fact, the Maltese archipelago is in the middle of the Mediterranean, a few steps from Sicily and very close to Africa and boasts mild temperatures at this time. Gozo is a splendor of nature and has a very interesting landscape and naturalistic variety for trekkers and walkers. From the Window Window (collapsed last February, but there are others that maybe few know) to the saltpans, the red […]

Why walk heals

Why walk heals? Today we talk about the therapeutic aspect of walking. How walking has a strong therapeutic value both physically and psychically for humans. It happens very often that you read stories of men and women suffering from a disease that are setting out walking and like magic the disease stops. In some cases even regressed, in the best cases the patient heals. He heals the sickness through walking. The human being has always experienced the healing aspect of walking. Man has always known that walking has some power; but he has never given him attention. Walking was very […]

Viper bite: what to do

Viper bite: what to do The viper is the only poisonous animal in Italy and, during a hike in nature, it could happen to us to come across for the first time in this much-feared animal. Here in Puglia vipers are found almost exclusively in the Gargano area; so it is quite rare rinvenirla in Salento. Despite the vipers common beliefs are peaceful animals, shy and fearful that bite only if they are disturbed. Like all snakes, animals that are deaf, however, react to the vibrations of the ground, in fact, usually just a little noise to get him away […]